ION USB Turntable HowTo

Make That Vinyl Digital

Quick walk through for setting up the ION USB Turntable and bundled software.

1. Plug turntable USB into computer. Connect power supply. Turn on Ion turntable.
2. Don't bother with red/white audio cables. Ignore these.
3. Go to Control Panel > Sounds/Audio Devices > Audio
4. Under Sound Playback select soundcard/device. i.e. SBLive or onboard soundcard.
5. Under Sound Recording select USB Audio CODEC. Apply > OK
6. Install and start Audacity. Click Edit > Preferences Audio I/O
7. Under Playback select SBLive or onboard card.
8. Under Recording select USB Audio CODEC > OK.
9. Microphone icon on tool bar. Click drop-down black arrow and select "Monitor Input".
10. Click new, then start turntable with vinyl record. Place arm on vinyl.
11. Click red dot record button on Audacity toolbar.
12. Ensure speakers or headphones are plugged into PC Audio Output.
13. Use headphone or speakers to listen while recording.
14. When finished ripping sample click File > Export as WAV or File > Export as MP3.
15. Burn with CD burn software. Assuming you have burning software installed.
16. To record at a different speed. ie speed up 45 to 78 or slow down 78 to 45
17. Record at highest speed available on Ion turntable, until ripping is finished.
18. In Audacity, select all (Ctrl-A) > Effect > Speed Up > from 45 to 78.
19. This will convert the recording to 78 by effectively speeding it up.

That's about it.