MPlayer GUI Error Message in Linux

Fixing MPlayer GUI

MPlayer is a great piece of software. It is easily the best media player available. Most of the time it runs flawlessly. Occasionally it hiccups, on minor stuff.

I normally run mplayer from the command line, but I noticed if you try to auto-launch it through file associations, it complains and fails to run. Fixing it is easy.

Open mplayer GUI. Click on the spanner to open Preferences. Click on Video and select xv ..... X11/Xv.

As I run nVidia hardware, the default selected driver "xmga" is for the Matrox graphics card. By selecting "xv", I switched to the nVidia driver to solve the problem.

By clicking on a video file, mplayer GUI launches without complaint.

MPlayer Zoom

One other minor point. I noticed when I enlarged the windows size mplayer did not enlarge the rendered images. The window got bigger, the video image did not. To fix this, change to .mplayer in your home directory and open the config file:

$ cd /home/myname/.mplayer
$ vim config

Add the following line, then save and exit.

$ zoom = yes

Restart MPlayer GUI, playing a video, and resize the screen. MPlayer should comply.

That's about it.