KDE / Firefox Window Size

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I use KDE, cos I like it. I run a lean cut down version and it suits me fine. I like the look and feel of KDE. Its easy to customise, has plenty of eye candy, if you want it and it does what I want... most of the time.

One thing irritated me. Firefox window size would re-set to the size when last closed. Sometimes opening to fill the entire screen, other times, it was small as a dialogue box.

In KDE you can control the size of any desktop window. Do:

KControl > Desktop > Window-Specific-Settings > New >

Description: Browser
Window class (application type): Iceweasel

Window Extra

Position: 1220,0
Size: 700,900



OK > Apply

For application Firefox (known as Iceweasel in Debian), it will open a normal window 700x900 in the top right hand corner of my screen. Great. Just what I wanted.

As I have a widescreen monitor, these settings work for me. You'll have to experiment to find out what's best for your hardware.

That's about it.