XTerm and Fortune Cookies

I love the wisdom dispensed in fortune cookies each time I launch an XTerm. With the minimal clean install of Debian, I had to setup fortune cookies manually. Here's the steps.

Install the package using aptitude:

    aptitude install fortune

Change settings to ~/.profile in my home directory so fortune starts when I login. Make a copy of the original file before editing starts:

    cp .profile .profile.orig
    vim .profile

Check the location of fortune on the system. Its normally /usr/games/fortune.

    which fortune

Add the following to .profile:

    if [ -x /usr/games/fortune ] ; then

Log out and log back into the system. Launch XTerm and enjoy fortune.

This only install the "clean" version of fortune. If you want the whole hog, install fortunes-off as well, but be warned, this is NOT for those easily offended.

    aptitude install fortunes-off

You can also install the BOFH excuses file, for more laughs:

    aptitude install fortunes-bofh-excuses

That's about it.