Debian Minimal Install - 2

The minimal install is complete, now we need applications to make the system usable. We have Firefox (iceweasel) installed, I also use Konqueror for browsing the Web. Konqueror has an inbuilt AdBlock, but no filters. Go over to the Filterset-G website and pull-down the latest filter:

Its named something like: 2008-01-01-MERGED.txt

Download the file to your home directory. Then click on:

Settings > Configure Konqueror > AdBlock Filters > Import.

Highlight the filter file you downloaded and click on:

Open > Enable Filters > Apply > OK.

Your done. Refresh your browser page if its open and AdBlock will do its thing.

We need a movie player, MPlayer is the best Linux movie player around. Lets install it:

# aptitude install mplayer

Amarok is great for playing sounds:

# aptitude install amarok

OpenOffice has a nice set of apps, if a little on the heavy side.

# aptitude install OpenOffice

If you don't need anything so comprehensive or heavy as OpenOffice, KOffice will do the job, so:

# aptitude install KOffice

I've used KOffice, its nice though a little buggy. You choose.

We need a PDF reader. I use KPDF which is nicely integrated into KDE, but others are available. There's XPDF, Evince, GhostView, ViewPDF, and others.

# aptitude install KPDF


# aptitude search "PDF"

to select a different PDF reader. Search through the list and download the one you like.

Adobe offers a Linux version of their PDF Reader. It comes in .rpm format, which means you'll need to convert it to .deb if you want to use it. Its available for download from Adobe's website.

That's about it.