Debian KDE Minimal Install - 1

Cut Down KDE Install in Debian

I did a minimal install of Debian Testing (Lenny) with a minimal KDE. Its surprising how fast, snappy and responsive the whole system was after running Fedora 9 for two months. I ran Fedora 9 with both Gnome and KDE 4. KDE 4 is great although still a little buggy, so I'm sticking with KDE 3.5 for now. Its stable and it works.

Back to the HowTo. You'll need a fast connection to the net. If your on dial-up, don't bother followint this HowTo, install from CD or DVD instead.

To start the install, download a netinstall CD from Debian's website and burn it to disk:

Select the file that matches your CPU type (probably i386 or AMD64).

Burn the image to disk. Reboot your machine using the CD. If your machine won't boot off the CD you'll need to go into your BIOS and change the boot settings to make the CD/DVD the first boot device.

After booting, hit enter to load Debian and start the install.

1. Select you language
2. Select country
3. Select keyboard
4. Enter machine hostname
5. Enter domain name
6. Partition disk/s
7. Enter root password
8. Create user account
9. Enter user password
10. Select base install. Deselect desktop option. We don't want it
11. Select country mirror
12. Say yes to participate in popularity contest
13. Select GRUB boot loader
14. Install finished. Remove CD and reboot
15. Log in as root
16. Edit /etc/apt/sources.list
17. Add: deb lenny main contrib non-free
18. Add: deb-src lenny main contrib non-free
19. Update Debian by typing: aptitude update
20. Upgrade Debian by typing: aptitude upgrade
21. Install X: aptitude install xserver-xorg-core xorg
22. Install KDE: aptitude install kde-core
23. Install some decent fonts: aptitude install msttcorefonts
24. Install Emacs: aptitude install emacs
25. Install pdf reader: aptitude install kpdf
26. Reboot

You'll be the proud owner of a brand new minimal install of Debian with a cut down KDE.

You'll probably need to install few things such as openoffice, mail client, and so on. As you've seen above, using Debian's powerful installer, its kids play.

If you can't find the item your looking for or don't have the correct package-name, try "aptitude search package-name". You can search for packages at Debian's website or try "google package-name debian" and see what you get.