Rafa, Liverpool, and More

I was over at a friends, a couple of nights back and we got talking bout the qualities needed to succeed in the premiership, along with many other sports.

Although I do like Benetiz, and admire him as a manager, I have my reservations about his abilities to win trophies in the Permier Leaque. I have already expressed my views in previous posts, and stand by them. I do not believe is the man for the job.

The team under his management shows too many flaws. Too many close run games that should be walk overs. Even with inferior teams such as Reading, Derby, or Birmingham.

I watched a documentary on Jose Mourinho last night. He is a fascinating character and a very good manager/coach. I talked with another Liverpool supporter a couple weeks back and he expressed the view that Mourinho was the next Liverpool manager in waiting.

This is a fascinating idea. But not so wild as to be dismissed as the workings of a mad man. Mourinho has many qualities to succeed as a manager. The qualities required of any successful Liverpool manager. Beneitez lacks some of these same qualities.

After the recent spat with the American owners, Benetiz seems to be on shaky ground. He expressed views that normally are kept in-house. Even if Benetiz and the Yanks, patch things up, I do not see a long term future for him at the club. They want someone who will win trophies. Seems, Benetiz can win the Champions Leaque (half the time), but the Yanks will want more for their money.

Mourinho for Liverpool. Anyone?