England Football Team Head Coach

Well its been a while since I posted about the England Football Team and their manager or management. I stated a while ago the Steve McLaren was not up to the job. Recent events seem to bear this out. He lacked vision. Tactical nous. Strength of character. Resilience and determination. Stubborn, dogged but open minded. With a view to the world. Not shut off.

These qualities are essential in any manager / leader. Alex Ferguson embodies many of these qualities. Although I am not a ManU fan he knows what he wants and how to get it. He controls the players and the team. He has good technical vision and imparts it to his team. That is one reason why Man U have been successful for so long.

Arsene Wenger at Arsenal has many of the same qualities, but is not as tough. He is more intellectual. I'm not an Arsenal fan, but Arsenal play lovely football. The team reflects the personal qualities of the manager. This is why Arsenal are not as tough as ManU. But they play better football. In a scrap ManU would probably win.

If you look at other managers/coaches and their teams, this is apparent. Look at Chelsea when Mourinho was in charge. They played hard, had a ruthlessness and a resilience about them. This reflects Mourinho's character. McLaren lacked that hard edge. He also lacked a tactical knowledge which is essential if your to become a successful manager.

Even "Big Phil" Scolary does not have the strength of character. This was shown when he caved in after the British media swarmed all over him, before McLaren was appointed. He couldn't handle the pressure and pulled out the running to become the next England coach.

The shows goes on. The hunt for the next England manager starts here.
Mourinho has thrown his hat into the ring along with Capello and Klinsmann.

At this point in time I'm not sure of the best candidate for the job. An answer will come with time.