Fasting and Glycogen

As a result of the stomach bug I picked up in Egypt, I stopped taking solid foods last Saturday. The last time I ate anything solid was Friday 5th October. I haven't taken anything since then.

I know I've lost weight, as my jeans are looser than a week ago. I weighed myself last Friday and I was 11st 10lbs (164 lbs). I decided to have a weigh-in today to see how much I lost. Last weigh-in I stood on the scales completely naked. This removes the possibility of shoes or clothes providing a misleading reading.

I fired up the electronic scales and in my best (make that only) birthday suit, I stood on the scales. The reading swung up, then down and settled at 11st 2lbs (156 lbs). I've lost 8 lbs in a week.

I know from past experience some of the weight will come back when I start eating. I will add back 2 or 3 lbs. This is explained by the glycogen stores in the body slowly depleting during the fast. When you start eating, the glycogen is restored to its normal level. One of the reason you feel drowsy or light-headed during a fast. Insufficient glycogen stores to meet demand.

Its also the cause of frustration and disappointment among dieters. They normally hit their target weight and stop. Get off the diet and back to eating normally, add back 3 lbs and get cheesed off. Now you know why.

Today I feel fine, taking fruit juice, weak coffee and water. Its well into day 8, and I'm gonna watch the England v France, Rugby World Cup semi-final on TV in a couple of hours.

I'll update again in a few days.