Brand Free Life

Money Can't Buy Me Love

I read an interesting article on the BBC's website about Neil Boorman's experiment to ditch brand names and his brand oriented lifestyle and live without branded goods for a year.

He began by burning all his brand name goods, then went on to live for a year without purchasing any major brands. He

He called his condition OBD. (Obsessive Branding Disorder) Which he states was a combination of compulsive shopping an reliance on status symbol brands for self esteem. He goes on to state that he did not buy goods for the basic function they performed, but for the way they made him feel.

What's interesting is how he felt after he purchased branded goods. He says:
I didn't buy clothes, gadgets or even food for the basic functions they performed. I bought them for the way they made me feel.
From Adidas trainers to BlackBerry phones, I depended on the confidence these brands gave me to face the world each day.
I began to realise the more money I spent, the more miserable I became. With mounting debts and plummeting self-esteem, I pledged to do away with these emotional crutches and attempted to live a year of my life brand-free.
How odd is that? Normally we believe the acquisition of material goods is going to make us happy, and yet the inverse happened.

There is an unassailable truth here... material possessions cannot bring lasting happiness.

Well, if not. What can?