England Football Team - The Woes Continue

I was invited to watch the friendly football match against Germany tonight, but I declined the offer. I went to see my mother instead.


I guessed it was going to be a dire affair and opted to miss out on the pain and humiliation.

How did I know?

First, it was a friendly, and friendlies are always tawdry affairs.

Second, Gerrard along with others opted to miss the game.

Third, McClaren the England coach, gave a sorry preview to the game

Fourth, McClaren selected Beckham. The old warhorse.

I feel sorry for McClaren, he's in a no-win situation. Having accepted the poisoned chalice that is the England coach, he's not up to the job. He wasn't the FA's 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th choice. McClaren may believe he's the right man and fully capable, but this does not align with reality, as we will see in time. In the past, others felt they were right choice and they also failed.

Examples include: Sven Goran Eriksson, Kevin Keegan, Glen Hoddle, Howard Wilkinson, Graham Taylor, Don Revie to name a few. Many of these were capable managers at club level. Managing England requires stepping up a level.

McLaren will fail and the FA will appoint another underperforming coach/manager and embarress us once again at the next major football tournament.

England will still hold the title:

Greatest Underperformer of the Major Footballing Nation.

Wait and see.