How to Swear Like a Brit - Video

A Guide For Americans

Do it right. Make it strong.

The Path Of Most Resistance - Book

I Am Reading

The Path Of Most Resistance By John Turner

H.I.T. covered by one of its long-time proponents, John Turner, who explains the workings of Nautilus Exercise Machines, how the cams affect workouts, intensity, stress, why nautilus is superior and the imperative to train to failure. The book has many anecdotes and tales of Arthur Jones.

The book's not available from Amazon UK, I ordered a copy from the US.

If you're a H.I.T. fan, go get it.

There's No Such Thing as Cardio - Video

James Steele II

Explains why cardio exercise is a misnomer.

Talk runs 60 mins.

The Hunted - Movie

The Hunted (2003)

A chase movie with Tommy Lee Jones as the hunter, and Benicio Del Toro as the hunted. The movie got a rating of 6.0, which is too low for this well directed and acted flick.

Give it a go

Name: The Hunted
Year: 2003
Director: William Friedkin
Stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Benicio Del Toro, Connie Nielsen
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Runtime: 94 min
Rating: 6.0 / 10

The Nautilus Bodybuilding Book

I Am Reading

T he Nautilus Bodybuilding Book by Ellington Darden Ph.D.
As the title suggests, the books focuses on bodybuilding, using H.I.T. techniques. It also includes some history of Nautilus and some of the science to back up the many claims.

Darden is an H.I.T. proponent, who spent many years working with Arthur Jones, the mad genius who single-handedly invented Nautilus weight training machines, and transformed the fitness industry in one stroke.

The book is old, published in 1982, but the info is still valid and useful, particularly if you indulge in High Intensity Training.

You can pick up a copy quite cheap on Amazon.

Lone Star - Movie

Lone Star (1996)

M urder, corruption, greed, intrigue, in a small Texas town. The past revisited when a skeleton is discovered. One of Sayles best efforts.

Go watch it.

Name: Lone Star
Year: 1996
Director: John Sayles
Stars: Chris Cooper, Elizabeth Pena, Kris Kristofferson
Genre: DramaMysteryRomance.
Runtime: 135 min
Rating: 7.6 / 10