Carbs Are Not An Essential Nutrient

Today, you will require ZERO carbohydrates in your diet to stay alive. Are you sure?

Yes. Lets clarify.

The absolute essential nutrients for human health and survival, are:

* Amino acids          * Minerals
* Fatty acids            * Water
* Electrolytes           * Energy
* Vitamins

It is the last – energy – which generates the most controversy and conflict in nutrition. Most of which is largely defined, not by science, but by other agendas; political, ideological, and complete nonsense.

The controversy ends when you look at the science. Any biology or medical biochemistry literature will confirm:

"The human body has no dietary requirement for carbohydrates".

You’ll be reassured to know that you don’t have to eat carbohydrates to live. It’s not an essential nutrient. One of the first things learnt in nutrition is:

"What does the body NOT make, that you MUST eat."

You won’t find carbohydrate on the list.

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Dogs Are Carnivores

Some Vets Don't Understand this?

Y eah, its true. Some vets don't get it that dogs are carnivores, descended from the Gray Wolf (Canis Lupus). Some vets are so conditioned they cannot think outside the milieu. They unquestioningly believe all they are told.

I watched a video talk by Professor Seyfried on cancer. In the talk he relayed a story of a lady who cured her dogs cancer tumour, by taking her dog off manufacturers dog food and feeding it raw meat. The vet was surprised the dog lived and phoned Professor Seyfried and to get more info. The vet retorted he could not give dogs raw meat.

There appears to be some doubt whether dogs are carnivores or omnivores. Go take a look at website, where any doubt about a dogs ancestry and dietary habits are covered in detail and with great clarity. Including links to supporting evidence from those in the know.

Purina are pet food manufacturers, part of the transnational Nestle Corporation. On their website, they have a dog food marketing page that asks the rhetorical Are Dogs Omnivores Or Carnivores?

The following is taken from same web page:
Many people believe dogs are carnivores. In fact, dogs are omnivores, and even wolves in the wild derive nutrition from both plant and animal sources.
When you look at the research, the evidence stacks up that grains are nutritious and effective for your dog. 
We look for positive results to make sure our formulas benefit real dogs' health, digestion, energy-levels and ability to live a happy, healthy life. When we formulate our products, we don't start by prioritizing ingredients that are popular. Instead, we study the nutrients that dogs need, and then look to nature for the best ingredients to deliver on them.
To counter this marketing hype and lies:

1.) In fact, dogs are carnivores.

2.) Grains are not effective nutrients for a dog. Dogs need meat.

3.) Nutrients would be meat, not grains or plant derivatives.

Its unreal that a major corporation with a few shreds of respectability would lie outright or even bend the truth to suit their sales and marketing needs. I guess it happens all the time. Money talks.

I've owned many cats since I was a kid, some died at an early age. Going back years, an acquaintance said the manufactured cat food was killing them. I didn't get it back then. I didn't understand. Naive and lacking life experience, I shrugged and continued to feed my cats, manufactured tinned cat food. Mostly cos it was convenient, and honestly, I didn't know any better. I can't say with any certainty, the tinned cat food killed the cats, and I can't say it didn't. But I certainly didn't feed my carnivores, a meat diet.

Does the carnivore pictured right look like he would enjoy an omnivorous vegetarian pizza washed down with a fruit smoothie! I guess not.

Go have a look at rawfed website. There's a lot of honest explicit info on feeding your carnivores.

Paleo Diet & Strength Training Biochemistry

Doug McGuff M.D.

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McGuff also talks on his book, Body By Science, genetics, diet, obesity, nutrition, muscle growth, over-training, fatigue, ageing, and the body's stress during training.

Cardio Does Not Exist

Doug McGuff M.D.

D oug McGuff at the 21 Convention 2010, explains why cardio as generally perceived, does not exist. The heart / lungs / vascular system are not exclusively tied to the aerobic system, in the mitochondria.

Watch the short video (5 minutes), for an explanation and overview.

In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet

In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet

D ocumentary by C.J. Hunt to find the perfect diet for humans to eat. With so many conflicting views and different diet gurus, which is the best diet for optimal health?

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What Medical Doctors Are Taught About Nutrition In Med School And Beyond - Dr Jason Fung

Y ou go to your doctor expecting him/her to understand your dietary problems and to have some insight.

Most have little knowledge of diet and nutrition, unless they specialise. See what Dr Jason Fung has to say. It's a short video, running 70 seconds in length.