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England Lost To Australia

Forlorn England Coach Lancaster

Yeah, I called last night's result, but it was a no-brainer. In a previous post I predicted England would lose and get dumped out the World Cup. You only need look at Lancaster and his record at the England helm to see he's not up to the job.

It's not only in the results, it's also in his body language. He exudes the body language of a loser. Arms folded, to shield against the external world. Po-faced look at all times. I do not recall seeing him smile in any photo or interview. Honestly, I haven't seen that many, nevertheless, you'd expect a solitary smile.

Look at the Aussie coach Cheika, last night. Look at Wales coach Gatland, or the New Zealand coach Hanson. Their positive body language is strong, filled with resolve and a determination to win.

Lancaster may be a smashing guy, but that's not what you need in sport. You need winners. Lancaster has the look of a loser. It's not difficult. Answer this question: "Would Lancaster be appointed Head Coach of New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, France?"

I don't understand English sport hierarchy's fixation with selecting losers to head up national teams. Forget patriotism, select the best coach your money can buy. Selecting home grown losers is a recipe for spectacular failure.

The England football team coach, Roy Hodgson, is another example of failure waiting to happen. Before Hodgson, we had McClaren, Keegan, Hoddle, Taylor.

Hire Australian, South African, Argentine, Brazilian, Spanish, Portugese, or Germans. Go for the best in each sport. If your goal is to win, appoint the best coach, irrespective of nationality.

England v Australia World Cup Rugby

England Lose Again

E ngland play Australia this evening, 8.00pm UK time. It's a must win game for England, but England will lose. Australia will thump England. England will be dumped out the competition. Home advantage will not play an important part in the game. It's simple. England are not good enough.

England have good players, but lack a World Class coach. Lancaster is not up to the job of producing a World Cup winning team. He's not capable of winning anything. Since Lancaster became coach, England have been runners-up or lower, in every competition in which they competed.

England lack 'grit', resolve, and the killer instinct. Australia, Wales, and New Zealand rugby teams have it in spades.

Lancaster lacks 'grit', resolve, and the killer instinct. Look at his face during and at the end of a game. If you don't know despondent, look at Lancaster for clarification.

Liverpool Is 5th Least Happy Place To Live

The Cause Of Liverpool Woes

T here's a story about the 10 happiest places to live in the UK, on i100 website from The Independent newsgroup. In the same article, it also includes a story on the 10 least happy places to live in the UK.

Liverpool came in at number 5 for miserable habitation.
I know the reason people in Liverpool are so unhappy, right now. It's because Brendan Rodgers is still manager of Liverpool FC.

Liverpool will move out the list when Fenway Sports appoint Jurgen Klopp as the new Liverpool manager. Liverpudlians will joyfully throw their hats in the air, when the Northern Irishman has been shown the exit door. Rodgers has proven again, he's not up to the task of running a 'big' club, at this point in time. Maybe one day, but definitely not now.

Give Klopp a call and see if he can start before Xmas. Given enough time, Klopp may save Liverpool FC, from another disastrous season.